MD. Jan Latham-Koenig | Dir. Sophie Hunter | Mvmnt Dir. Ane
As workshop stage manager I assisted the stage director and choregrapher throughout a 1 week workshop ahead of rehearsals commencing the following month in Argentina. The role mainly consisted of managing the rehearsal room, communicating with the creative team but mainly the assistant director, acquiring rehearsal props (for the workshop), completing a mark out, writing daily rehearsal notes & distributing information to the creative team. Day 1 & 2 we worked with a dancer playing Anna 1 in a small studio. Day 3 & 4 the singer playing Anna 2 joined the process to workshop voice with movement in a much larger studio. 
The Seven Deadly Sins was the final collaboration between Weill and Brecht, two of Weimar's most revolutionary artists. They composed a satire of capitalist society, sung and danced, for two characters and a chorus. Two sisters (both named "Anna") travel through a decadent version of the USA, seeking to conquer the American dream and succumbing to all the sins along the way.​​​​​​​
Creative Team
Musical Director: Jan Latham-Koenig
Stage Director: Sophie Hunter
Choreographer: Ann Yee
Designer: Samuel Wyer
Lighting Designer: Jack Knowles
Video Designer: Nina Dunn

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